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Battery: LG Lithium Battery 2200mah

Frequency: 7v/15-20w
Voltage: DC 7.4V Input: DC5V 2A Recharging time: 3~5 hour Working time: 150min
Charging Station: Optional Recharge Mode: USB
1 equipped with light sensor module or transmitter module, automatic identification of the shadow area of household cleaning and mopping work.
More than 2 kinds of working modes: automatic cleaning.
3 only obstacle identification, equipped with induction type mechanical collision type obstacle sensor, intelligent identification of furniture
4 steps can only be identified: a non-contact step detection sensor, you can identify the steps to prevent falling.
5 sweep the sides, widen the scope of cleaning, and sweep the wall as far as possible.
6 can only get out of trouble: in the event of accidents in the home will be the implementation of self relief procedures, as far as possible automatically released. In narrow area will automatically perform the process of relief, as soon as possible to get rid of their own.
7 cover insomnia intelligent cleaning products can not reach the busy cleaning.
8 the two options: all-weather cleaning, dark identification cleaning.

PRODUCT SIZE 265*265*70mm
INNER CTN SIZE 360*310*100mm
G.W 2.2KG
CTN SIZE 325*340*82MM
20GP 2000PCS
40GP 8000PCS