Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Sweeping and mopping robot
  • Hoover for home use
  • Laser navigation
  • Simulation of manual mopping,Repeated wiping cleaner
  • Large suction power,More thorough cleaning
  • New upgraded system, more accurate map

Additional information

Item No.


Max suction


Battery capacity

3200mAh,LG CELL

Product Size


Max working time


Rated Power


Product Details

  1. Bumper Collision avoidance sensor+Mechanical collision sensor
  2. Multi-room navigation,built-in virtual wall,Continue to sweep from breakpoint
  3. Obstacle surmountable capability:15mm
  4. Anti-collision sensor:infrared,4 sets
  5. Anti-dropping sensor:infrared,4 sets
  6. Cleaning mode:random or spot, Edge cleaning, Zig-zag cleaning
  7. Water tank with mop,schedule function,self-protection
  • LG battery for greater longevity
    Professional mopping path designed to simulate manual cleaning, wiping repeatedly in both directions
    Specially designed professional cleaning path for mopping, simulating manual cleaning, wiping back and forth in both directions, leaving the floor as clean as new
  • Intelligent electric control of the water tank, even water discharge without soaking the floor
    Intelligent water control tank, precise control of water output, long-lasting use without clogging, also can sense the water output status, chip intelligent control
  • The cleaning capacity is greatly improved, with brushless motor, adjustable air duct design, to achieve a large surge of suction power, easy to suck clean dust particles, enjoy the comfort of walking on the floor with wide feet
    2 in 1 water tank, the ratio of dust box and water tank is carefully adjusted to achieve a better endurance, sucking away dust particles while sweeping the floor, sweeping and mopping in one go, achieving double cleaning power
  • Laser navigation system for global planning
    Multi-stage calibration and segmentation algorithm for faster speed, higher accuracy, longer range, faster map building, more sensitive obstacle avoidance, wider range of acquisition and a clear understanding of the environment
  • Connected to the APP, you can open up a richer control experience, remote control, appointment cleaning, you can easily clean without being at home.
  • Automatic room zoning
    After the first cleaning in the bedroom, living room and kitchen, I will automatically identify the rooms and save the partitions, you can merge, divide and name the partition map, and in the subsequent cleaning, the rooms will be cleaned in order according to the partitions.
  • Dynamic path planning, sweeping and mopping are not the same
    When cleaning, it will intelligently determine whether to sweep or mop the floor, and according to the partitioned map, dynamic intelligent path planning will be used to clean each room one by one, reducing duplicate cleaning and improving cleaning efficiency.
  • Set the software virtual wall or box to avoid no-go areas, no need to buy additional accessories
    If you don’t want to clean an area, you can add a virtual wall to the APP, which will automatically bypass the area when I reach it, or you can manually designate a no-go area, which will be avoided to complete the cleaning without giving you any trouble.
  • Highly accurate sensors
    Aids navigation, crossing obstacles and sensing the surrounding environment Equipped with multi-directional sensors, it can sensitively perceive various complex environments, easily avoid obstacles and cover the home environment in more detail, while protecting yourself and your furniture.

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